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There is a bit of “if a tree falls in the forest…” sense to the release of Acey Duecy, Anthony David’s major label debut.  Like the 2008 Grammy nomination of Ledisi as Best New Artist — even though she had previously released two internationally acclaimed discs earlier in the decade — the celebration of this “new” artist belies an underlying belief in certain circles that if Clear Channel didn’t play it, it didn’t exist.  So Universal will be pushing Acey Duecy, a compilation of eleven songs from David’s two Brash Records releases, Three Chords & the Truth and Red Clay Chronicles, as the debut of an exciting new Southern Soul singer who is India.Arie’s buddy.  This despite the fact that David sold thousands of copies of his first two discs and that “Words, ” the duet with Aries that serves as the album’s first single, won the SoulTracks Readers’ Choice Award for “Song of the Year” back in 2007.


By Chris Rizik

Year Released: 2006

Number of Songs: 11

Duration: 49 minutes

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