As Above So Below

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Talk about moving from the background to the foreground: in the seven years since his debut, 3 Chords & the Truth, singer, lyricist and musician Anthony David went from being known as India.Arie’s occasional collaborator and opening act to a Grammy-Award nominated soul provider in his own right, thanks to his unassuming, yet undeniable charisma, a rich, gravelly baritone and his flair for rendering common life experiences into extraordinary songs (“Part of My Life,” “Cold Turkey,” “Spittin’ Game,” “Words”).

Now four CDs into his burgeoning career, As Above, So Below  represents a self-assured breaking-away of sorts: not only is it the debut release on Purpose Music Group/E One Entertainment, it pairs him with a new producer (Shannon Sanders) and shears away his reliance on what served as the centerpiece for many of his hits, the acoustic guitar. To flip a successful formula is a risky gamble for any performer, but in Mr. David’s case, the differences are welcomed ones and his fans instantly reap the rewards.



By Melody Charles

Year Released: 2011

Number of Songs: 13

Duration: 54 minutes

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